E-banking. Paysera, PayPal. To which you will be directed automatically. It is an extremely safe and convenient service. You will be able to log in on the e-banking page of your choice and the system will have already formed a payment for the goods you have selected. All you have to do is confirm the payment.

Bank transfer. You can pay for the goods by making a regular money transfer to the account specified by us. We will send the data required for the payment of the order and the order number to the specified e-mail address immediately after the confirmation of the order. Important! While paying by transfer indicate the order number in the destination field. Failure to pay for the goods within 5 days will result in cancelling the order and reservation of the goods.

To the courier. You can pay for the goods to the courier by cash or card at the time of receipt of the goods (COD).


Inbank hire purchase

Inbank hire purchase allows you to split a large one-time expense into small monthly payments and comfortably pay in installments. Spread the purchase sum over up to 6 years. The first payment is due only a month later.

Advantages of Inbank hire purchase:

• Flexible solution for large expenses

• You choose the instalment amount

• You choose the instalment payment period

• You choose the payment date

• Response to an application within a minute

Financing terms:

• Financing amount 100 - 10 000 €

• Period 3 - 72 months

• Down payment 0 €

• Interest rate from 3.99%

• Administration fee 2.99 €

• Contract fee 29.99 €


The cost rate of the Inbank hire purchase is 9.46% per annum under the following sample conditions: price of the object of the contract when paid immediately (net price) 5000 euros, loan amount 5000 euros, down payment 0 euros, contract period 48 months, annual fixed interest rate 3.99% of the purchase amount, contract fee 29.99 euros, monthly management fee 2.99 euros. Monthly fee total 124.63 euros. The total repayable loan amount is 5982.24 euros. The financial service is provided by AS Inbank Finance. Before concluding the agreement, read the terms of the financial service and, if necessary, consult with a professional.

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